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Our 60x60 Journey

30% Complete

Countries: 17

Cities: 43

Miles: 64,003

Steps: 4,375,186

UPDATE: Like many travelers, we are grounded! The coronavirus forced us home and we are currently isolating in Tucson, Arizona until countries will let us in. In this travel vlog, we talk about coming home and what's next for us.

Hi, We’re Kim and Way, two over-50 travel vloggers that packed up our jobs and hit the road to see the world.

We’ve been living a life well-traveled since early 2018 and documenting our journey on our travel blog.

Not long after we began our adventures, we decided to challenge ourselves. So later that year, on top of the Great Wall of China, we made the goal to slow travel to 60 countries by 2024 – the year Kim turns 60. We’re calling it 60×60.

We found early on that spending time in foreign countries was much more fun when we spoke a little bit of the language. So, Way developed an easy way to learn languages and puts it to use in every country we visit.

Let's connect! We share our journey, travel advice, and language tips on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and here, on our travel blog.

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